Emergency Dental Work: Topics, Tricks and Tips


How to Choose a Mouth Guard When You Practise Martial Arts

Not all mouth guards are made equal when fighting, especially not when wearing braces and practising martial arts. Your orthodontist will be able to create you a custom fit mouth guard, designed for maximum comfort and protection; however, if you want to buy it yourself, there are two types of ‘standard’ guards from which you can […]

Mobile Denture Services: Everything You Need To Know

For the most part, denture services are carried out at the dentist’s office. It has always been this way as far as dentures are concerned. However, today some clinics are offering mobile denture services. This is a great service and one that has been long due. If you are looking to seek any denture-related services, […]

Some Little-Known Tips About Dental Hygiene

If you’re planning a visit to the dentist you may be wondering how your oral health regimen stacks up. Here are some additional tips to help you improve. When Not to Brush Your Teeth Surely, you know that you should be brushing your teeth twice a day, certainly before you go to bed and at […]

4 Commonly Asked Questions about Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is a common night-time problem that presents a unique challenge: because it occurs during sleeping, many sufferers don’t know they have it. In fact, many people only discover that they have the problem once they have a partner who will notice it. Teeth grinding can cause dental problems if left unchecked, primarily because […]

What You Might Wonder About Getting Veneers Over Your Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry procedures are different than orthodontic procedures; an orthodontist is concerned with the overall shape of the jaw and mouth, whereas a cosmetic dentist is concerned just with the appearance of teeth and your smile. However, a cosmetic dentist can sometimes actually protect the health of your teeth and mouth, including adding veneers over […]