Emergency Dental Work: Topics, Tricks and Tips


4 Commonly Asked Questions about Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is a common night-time problem that presents a unique challenge: because it occurs during sleeping, many sufferers don’t know they have it. In fact, many people only discover that they have the problem once they have a partner who will notice it. Teeth grinding can cause dental problems if left unchecked, primarily because […]

What You Might Wonder About Getting Veneers Over Your Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry procedures are different than orthodontic procedures; an orthodontist is concerned with the overall shape of the jaw and mouth, whereas a cosmetic dentist is concerned just with the appearance of teeth and your smile. However, a cosmetic dentist can sometimes actually protect the health of your teeth and mouth, including adding veneers over […]

How Oil Pulling Could Help You with Your Oral Health.

If you’ve been worrying about your oral health recently, perhaps you have been planning a visit to the dentist. Yet you shouldn’t just be thinking about best hygiene practices when it’s time for some dental work. You know that you need to floss and brush daily, but perhaps you should consider oil pulling too? How […]

The Lowdown on Oil Pulling for Dental Health

You may have heard of the latest oil pulling craze, which promises whiter teeth and healthier gums. But does oil pulling really make your mouth healthier? Can you use it as an alternative to dentists? Read on to get the lowdown on this latest sensation. What Is Oil Pulling? Oil pulling involves you taking a […]

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Damage Your Tooth Enamel?

If you’re looking for an alternative tooth whitening remedy, you may have come across apple cider vinegar as an option. Using this vinegar as a homemade toothpaste or mouthwash is considered to be a natural way to remove some stains from your teeth which may make them look whiter. While apple cider vinegar may help […]