3 Common Misconceptions That Might Keep You From Going to the Dentist

Posted on: 11 August 2017


No doubt very few people actually like going to the dentist, but regular dental visits are necessary. While visiting the dentist will help ensure you have healthy teeth and gums, many people put off their regular visits, sometimes because of misconceptions they have about seeing a dentist. Note a few of those misconceptions here, and then you can ensure you're protecting your oral health.

It's painful to visit the dentist

There are many painless options from which to choose when you visit a dentist; for example, nitrous oxide can be used to dull the pain of a procedure, instead of shots. Also, your teeth may not need to be drilled and then filled if you have lots of cavities, as you might opt for a cap or crown to just be fitted over those teeth. A cap or crown protects the teeth and doesn't involve that same type of drilling as filling cavities. Your dentist can also note other painless options for treating your teeth, so don't let the fear of pain keep you from seeing a dentist.

You don't need to visit the dentist if your teeth look good

Visiting a dentist isn't just about cleaning your teeth; a dentist will examine your mouth for signs of developing health concerns, such as bone loss in the jaw or oral cancer. The x-rays he or she takes will also note if your teeth are starting to become crooked, which can happen with age. Correcting this misalignment can keep teeth protected from erosion and wear. No matter the outward appearance of your teeth, never think that it's okay to avoid visiting a dental professional altogether.

You don't need to visit a dentist regularly until you get older

In truth, even young children should visit a dentist regularly; a dentist will note if their teeth are developing properly and if there are issues with how they're caring for their teeth. Teens may have healthier teeth simply because those teeth haven't suffered enamel erosion due to age, but they also need regular dental visits; as said, a dentist will examine the mouth for health concerns and the onset of cavities. Also, teens and those just a few years old may consume more sugary foods and drinks than an older person, which can lead to early cavities! No matter their age or health, a person should visit a dentist every year, or as often as is recommended by their dental professional.