Have You Checked In With Your Dentist Lately?

Posted on: 22 March 2017


One of the most emphasized things in any dentist office you will walk into is the importance of routine checkups and cleaning. Yet surprisingly, not very many people go for routine dental checkups. A visit to the dentist's office is reserved by a majority for that emergency situation when you feel like you really have to. Some may say that the fear of the dentist's chair keeps them away. Others would blame it on financial factors or time constraints. Whichever your excuse, here is a brief overview of what happens during these routine visits, and why you shouldn't stay away from the dentist because of one reason or another.

What happens during a regular dental checkup?

Regular dental exams are crucial in the maintenance of your oral health. During these visits to the dentist office, no invasive or extreme procedures are carried out. The first thing that the dentist checks is the state of your teeth. They look for cavities, decay, or any other types of tooth damage. Remember, this is just an inspection and it is not necessarily a surety that they will commence treating whatever they find at that particular time, especially if you were not feeling pain or sensitivity yet. They will, however, recommend treatment as soon as possible if they find such damages.

The dentist then proceeds to check your gums for any signs of periodontal infections. The gums can also show the dentist early onset of other diseases such as gingivitis.

What does cleaning involve?

After the inspections, the dentist will note any causes of alarm and discuss the viable counter-measures or treatment options available for you. It is up to you to decide what would be best to pursue. The visit to the dentist office then ends with the dentist cleaning your teeth. The dentist, using appropriate solutions, will rinse your teeth, scrub off accumulated material and polish your teeth. This is usually a painless process that, at times, takes less than thirty minutes. Despite constant brushing, plaque and tartar tend to build up on our teeth. This is why cleaning by a dentist every once in a while is important.

How long and how often are the visits?

Depending on your dentist, a regular visit to the dentist office should last something short of an hour, or slightly longer in difficult cases. Many dentists will recommend that you book an appointment at least twice annually for these sessions. Everyone should visit their dentist and have these regular checkups if you want to really avoid that pain and the chair in future.