Mobile Denture Services: Everything You Need To Know

Posted on: 13 October 2016


For the most part, denture services are carried out at the dentist's office. It has always been this way as far as dentures are concerned. However, today some clinics are offering mobile denture services. This is a great service and one that has been long due. If you are looking to seek any denture-related services, read on to see what mobile denture services are all about and whether they are what you need.

How mobile denture services are carried out

Mobile denture services are simple. It's similar to having a denturist on wheels. They travel in vans that are highly equipped with all the tools and machines needed to offer any denture service you would require. The mobile vans are always on standby, just like an ambulance. When called upon, the denturist travels to his/her clients and serves them at their place of residence or work at no extra charge.

Services offered under mobile denture services

A mobile denture service provides most of the service you would expect to get in a dental clinic. This includes:

  • Temporary dentures: If you need new dentures, your mobile denturist can provide you with simple and temporary dentures to wear as you wait. These are ideal for first-time dentures, denture repairs, and denture replacements.
  • New dentures: The mobile denture service can take moulds of your mouth and design new dentures for you right at home. When ready, your new dentures will be delivered to you and checked for proper fitting.
  • Denture repairs: If your dentures are damaged, the mobile denture service team can come to you, inspect the dentures and repair them on the spot.

Denture relines: If you dentures have developed a poor fit, the mobile denture team can have them relined by taking a new gum impressions and making the right adjustments

Advantages of mobile denture services

A mobile denture service is a great idea with lots of benefits such as:

  • Elderly persons do not have to travel to a dental clinic. The service offers them great convenience by coming to them in their homes or in aged care facilities.
  • Sick persons do not have to be inconvenienced if they need any denture service. They can remain at home or in bed recuperating even as they get their dentures fitted or repaired.
  • Busy persons do not have to leave the office or work site. The dental clinic can come to them via the mobile service instead, thus allowing them to save time and remain at work.
  • Mobile services are great during emergencies because you don't have to go to the clinic or seek an appointment. Instead, you're served promptly and in the comfort of your home.

If you need new dentures, denture fittings or denture repairs, a mobile denture service is clearly a great way to go about seeking the services you need. Ask a local dentist for more advice.