Frightened Child? 4 Tricks To Eliminate Your Toddler's Fear Of Visiting A Dentist

Posted on: 23 March 2016


A visit to the dentist is enough to scare kids, especially if your toddler associates a dental visit with perceived pain. Dental procedures are sometimes time consuming, requiring your children to sit for long hours, while dealing with the stress of multiple unknown people in the room. If your kids associate dental visits and pain together, then you're in for a challenge in your quest to take them to the dentist. Luckily, some tricks will help you eliminate your toddler's fear of visiting a dentist.

Familiarise Your Child With The Dentist And The Clinic 

Just like you, kids fear the unknown, especially when they relate a dental visit to the possibility of feeling pain. A good way to eliminate this problem is to familiarise your toddler with the dentist and the clinic before the actual procedure. A few kind words from the dentist will likely alleviate your child's fears, while making your task easier of bringing your toddler to the clinic on the day of the procedure.

Explain The Procedure In A Child-Friendly Manner

While toddlers may be young, it may still be a good idea to explain the procedure to help them understand what to expect. Keep in mind the tender age of your children and talk to them in a manner that they understand. As a parent, you'll probably know how to explain the procedure in a child-friendly manner, so be sure to use positive language. Avoid using uncomfortable words like blood, pain and cry because this will defeat your purpose. Instead, you can explain how the dental procedure will allow kids to enjoy their favourite foods better.

Consider Creating A Mock Dentist Clinic To Ease Your Child Into The Chair

Toddlers are not yet in a position to fully comprehend a dental visit, so it's easy for them to associate it with negativity, just like many adults. To familiarise your child with the dentist visit, you can create a mock dentist clinic in your home. Create a role-play scenario where you play the dentist to help you toddler understand what will happen at the clinic. Make the experience fun to help your toddler associate a dentist visit with excitement.

Bring Your Toddler's Buddy Along

If your child is comfortable with a friend or a play toy, then be sure to bring them along for the dental visit. Having a distraction is a welcome idea to eliminate the fear of dentists in your toddler's mind. You could even promise a small treat to your child after the appointment, so they associate a dental visit with positive thoughts.

Follow these key tricks in your quest to eliminate your toddler's fear of visiting a dentist.