3 Things to Expect During a Denture Consultation

Posted on: 19 August 2015


Deciding on dentures as an option for your oral health issues is a big step. You know this will mean having teeth extracted and that you will need to take time to heal. What you may not know is that you will have various options regarding your dentures and how the procedure will take place. Consider these options that you may hear at your first denture consultation and what you should know about each one.

Gum Treatments

When you decide to move forward with the denture process, one of the things your dentist may discuss with you during your first consultation is possible gum treatments. This may be due to the bone loss related to your tooth decay and tooth loss or due to a gum disease, like gingivitis. Your dentist will examine your gums and determine if any procedure or treatments will be needed prior to or during your extraction schedule and if any follow up treatments will be necessary following your denture placement.

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Extraction Schedule

One of the first options your dentist may cover with you during your denture consultation is the extraction schedule. This is an important option because it will play into how long your healing time will be and how long it will be before your smile is where you want it. There are various options including having all your teeth extracted. When considering the extraction schedule you want to use, consider the estimated healing time your dentist gives you. This healing time may vary depending on your specific case; therefore, it is important to listen to each option and the healing time for each in order to determine which is best for you.

Denture Material

Another option that your dentist will mention is the material you want for your dentures. Though acrylic is one of the main materials used in traditional dentures, there are some new materials that are being used by dentists. One of them is a flexible material, derived from nylon, that allows for more growth and fewer fitting appointments. This type of denture material allows the dentures to sit comfortably through the inflammation and healing process and conform easier to the natural form of your mouth. Other materials may be mentioned as well depending on your dentist and the type of issues you are having.

These are just a few of the options that your dentist will bring up during your denture consultation. If you work out of the home, you may need to take special considerations when it comes to healing time and taking any sort of pain medications. This may play into what type of extraction schedule you'll use or if a complete or partial set is a better option for your needs.