Things to Know About Teeth Whitening

Posted on: 6 January 2015


Having white teeth is important for maintaining one's confidence. It can brighten your life as you willing move around with a smile on your face. It is always embarrassing to have to smile, and in the process expose teeth that are stained or brown. It might give the impression that you are unhygienic since most of the discolouration is attributed to poor cleaning. The discoloured teeth might also make you unattractive, thus lowering your self-confidence. However, when you have the right information about teeth whitening, you can save yourself from the embarrassment, and get yourself perfectly white teeth.

Whitening and Cleaning Are Not the Same Thing

There is a misunderstanding that teeth whitening is the same as cleaning. Sometimes the teeth accumulate some deposits that cause yellowing which can be removed by a dentist. In fact, it is recommended that you get a cleaning from a dentist to remove these deposits as they might interfere with the teeth whitening agent. Teeth whitening is the process of making your teeth whiter.

Teeth Whitening Is Continuous

Since the mouth is constantly in use, the effects of whitening may soon be covered by new deposits on the teeth. It is recommended that you observe proper dental hygiene so as to make the effects last longer. Habits such as smoking will erode the whitening much faster. However, subsequent teeth whitening procedures are less time consuming and also less expensive. Typically, the effects of teeth whitening will last from any period between one year and three years. The actions taken during this interval such as proper cleaning and diet will determine how long the effects will last.

There Are Some Side Effects

The process may have slight side effects for some people. There are those who might experience slight sensitivity on their teeth for a short while following the procedure. Others might get gum irritation for a short period of time. The trick is to know that these effects will pass and that the procedures are safe, and do not have any long lasting harmful effects.

Not Everyone Should Have Their Teeth Whitened

There are some people who are not eligible for teeth whitening. These include pregnant and lactating women, children, and people with other dental problems such as fillings unless these will be removed during the whitening. People who have peroxide allergies should also not undergo the whitening because the whitening agents are mainly made from peroxides.

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