Various Denture Set Options You Will Find at a Denture Clinic

Posted on: 7 January 2016


As people grow older, tooth loss becomes a serious concern for a significant number of geriatrics. Most people deem their teeth as the crown and glory of their smile. Thus, the thought of having to live with missing teeth and irregular gaps can be enough to make you anxious. The good news, though, is that there are numerous teeth replacement treatments that you can choose from. One of the treatments that has stood the test of time is dentures. Gone are the days when dentures were loosely fitting false teeth that had a knack of falling out at the most inopportune moments. With advances in the dental industry, denture clinics offer a wide variety of high quality dentures for their patients. Here are some of the denture options you will find at a denture clinic.

Supreme plastic denture sets

These types of dentures are  composed of hard plastic. The hard plastic teeth are then affixed onto a sturdy acrylic base. They are a good option for people who tend to exert a lot of pressure when eating, as these dentures are quite strain resistant.

Superior plastic denture sets

These types of dentures tend to be the most naturally appearing as compared to other denture options. As such, they are a great option for individuals who are concerned about discretion and wanting to appear as if they still have their natural teeth. Another benefit of these types of dentures is that they are highly stain resistant, thus the wearer does not have to adjust their diet in an attempt to try to prevent them from acquiring food and beverage stains.

Premier resin denture sets

These are composed of hard resin that has been affixed atop an acrylic base. To make these dentures appear as natural as possible, the denture clinic can create them using multiple layers of different coloured resin. This way they have a better shot at matching the resin to your natural tooth colour. It should be noted, though, that resin denture sets are not flexible enough to conform to any changes in your gum line. As such, in the event that your gums begin to change in shape, you would have to get the dentures replaced for something more accommodating.

Injection moulded porcelain denture sets

As the name suggests, the bases of these dentures are directly moulded onto your gum line through the use of an injection. This works toward minimizing any chances of distortion, hence making these dentures the most perfectly fitting dentures that you could opt for.

For more information about these various options and what may work best for you, contact a local denture clinic